5 out of 5

I thought about purchasing a nice set of pearls for my wife for some time, but never pulled the trigger due to the cost. Any set of pearls I previously stumbled upon that were in my price range were lacking in quality and often had numerous poor reviews. This Christmas I decided to browse the web again for pearls after doing some research and educating myself. I wanted the pearls to be as close as round as possible with minimal imperfections. Additionally, my wife doesn't usually wear lavish jewelry and is fairly modest, so I settled on the South Sea pearls. I wanted the piece to be classy, but also something she could wear with a lot of different outfits. Fortunately, I found this single strand necklace from the It had all the intangibles I was looking for and was at a very competitive price compared to others I reviewed. I was nervous before receiving the package. This necklace was to be a gift, and I really wanted to believe that I wasn't going to get an inferior product. I didn't. The pearls were in great condition. The necklace has a solid medium weight that only real pearls can provide. The pearls themselves were very round and more on the 10mm side. Overall we are very pleased with this necklace and would buy from this shop again. My one complaint may be more of a shipping complaint and not the fault of Fair Pearls, but the outer packaging and inner box were both damaged cosmetically. Not a big deal as the necklace was fine. My wife loves each pearl and I couldn't be happier with the quality. While I admit I am a layperson to expensive jewelry and pearls in general, my entire experience with the Fair Pearls has been spectacular, from the informative item descriptions, the quick delivery, and to the stunning final product. I would recommend this product immensely, and tell anyone that they believe they cannot find a good set of pearls without breaking the bank that they are WRONG. Cheers

Terry Olcese